Samstag, 3. Juni, 2023, 20 Uhr , Scenario Halle


aus Buenos Aires, Argentina

In Kooperation Swing in Karlsruhe e.V.

Jivers is a four-piece band with a specific Jazz repertoire: vocal Swing of the thirties and forties. Mainly inspired in bands like The Mills Brothers, The Andrews Sisters and The Boswell Sisters, they adapt original arrangements to their instrumentation. Other times they create their own arrangements for not so traditional songs emphasizing in a close three part harmony and imitating instruments with their voices. The rhythm section consists of a guitar and a snare drum complemented with a typical traditional 20s Jazz formation: a tuba, a banjo and a washboard. The rest of the traditional Jazz instruments - like the trumpet, the clarinet or the trombone - are imitated by the singers with their own voice, which is an emblematic resource of this type of vocal formations. Alongside the growing Swing dance scene in Argentina - with expressions like the Lindy Hop and the Charleston - Jivers conceive this style as a "social dance music", unlike the more modern and intellectual jazz that emerged at the Be Bop era.


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