Samstag, 17. Oktober, 2020, 20 Uhr , Scenario Halle

Matthieu Saglio - muss Corona bedingt ins Frühjahr 2021 verschoben werden

Cello, composition, sampler:

After hundreds of concerts in more than thirty countries, the cello player and composer Matthieu Saglio presents a combination of classical tradition with sounds and rhythms brought from his encounters across the world. In his compositions, you can hear resonating echoes from the Western cathedrals and souks of Maghreb, the Latin-American tango and the Iberian flamenco.

The sampler’s magic permits Matthieu to be recorded live to create a dialogue with himself through the means of his virtual alter-ego. A base line, with airy pizzicati and a motif with the bow… The cellist builds an original and elegant architecture, without letting the technique have priority over emotion. They said: “An indisputable technical ability that allows him to get from the instrument an infinite range of sounds. An opening to the new without stylistic and geographic boundaries, which allowed him to draw a very personal journey, from Bach to tango, funk and oriental influences without his train derailed ever from the path."

Duration: 70 min.

- El País “While a cello concert in theory could seem a little monotonous, the truth is that Matthieu proves quite the opposite and causes the listener to vibrate with the sounds that he manages to draw out with his instrument. (…) A delight.” - World Music “More than a cello. His music will accompany us with his emotional beauty for a long time. Maybe even forever.” - Amancio Prada “The inner world of the artist offers us through his music is so rich that we do not need ears to understand it, just let it nourish our soul. Three stars guaranteed!” - Patrick Derlon, FIP Duration: 70 min. A

VVK: 13,60 € & AK: 15 € Schüler und Studenten Ak 10 €